Welcome to Pasta Thursdays!

Whitney Oaks Hall is the premier Houston Italian location for real Italian food cooked by real Italians. The best in Pasta and Meat Balls since 1953. Served every Thursday from 11:00AM till 1:15PM

A Great Lunch At A Great Price!
The perfect place to go for lunch on a Thursday. Bring the people from the office or come by yourself. Put on your bib, get in line and select what is the best buffet style lunch in town. Everyone is friendly and you don't have to eat alone.

  • Pasta and Meat Balls
  • Italian Sausage
  • Egg Plant
  • Pork Chops
  • Chicken
  • Spumoni for Desert

Pasta ThursdayEnjoy your lunch with Ice Tea, Soda, Beer or Wine.

Get your pasta with either meat balls or Italian sausage.

You pick and choose how many and which one.

Our meat balls and sauce are home made from a recipe that has not changed since 1953. The Italian sausage is made right here in Houston by a fellow Sacred Heart Society member. It tastes better then any other you have had.

Here is one happy customer ready to eat.



What you can expect when you get here!

First off a real Italian Men's club.
Italian Men's Club

Pictures speak louder then words.
So enjoy the collage of pictures taken on a Thursday Lunch time.

Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food

Don't be afraid to put on a bib. Everyone does. (Including the Italians) The Sugo, otherwise know as spaghetti sauce, does tend to splash on your shirt.

Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food

Select what you want, served piping hot.

Want more, We can cook more!

Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food
Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food

If you didn't get Soda or Iced Tea when you went through the line, beer and wine is available.

Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food

Now enjoy your food and the companionship.

Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food
Whitney Oaks Hall Italian Food

And don't forget a Cannoli or the Spumoni !!